We expand our range of laundry products

We expand our range of laundry products
Every day millions of people depend on clean uniforms, bed sheets, towels, tablecloths and other fabrics.
Instaquim provides detergents and equipment that t the everyday challenges of our clients. We go beyond the washing processes increasing business volume and obtaining the maximum sustainability in each phase of the washing cycle, reducing water consump- tion and saving energy.
In addition to offering cleaning and disinfection solutions for all kinds of clothes in any washing process, we are committed to give specialized training for laundry workers.
We are proud to announce that we expand our range with four new products;
Tensozim Tensolar Tensomatic + Blue Soft
A concentrated enzymatic detergent with controlled foam. Its high content of enzymes makes it particularly effective for the elimi- nation of protein and biological origin soils. Useful for the cleaning of all kinds of clothes, white or colored, especially in automatic dosing systems.
Concentrated product with high degreasing capacity. Particularly suitable for the elimination of sunscreen remains from the clothes, as well as other greasy soiling, thus reducing rejection and saving money.
Tensomatic +
Super concentrated detergent with controlled foam, useful for the cleaning of all kinds of clothes, white or colored. Its high content of surfactants gives it great stain removal capacity.
Blue Soft
Highly perfumed fabric softener with microcapsules of fragrance. Provides softness making ironing easier, while leaving the clothes with a fresh and intense perfume. Thanks to its content of microcapsules, the clothes keep the smell for a longer time.
with a fresh and intense perfum