Ecowash y Ecosoft

Ecowash y Ecosoft
Instaquim now has the ecological solution for the washing of clothes in self-service laundries;
ECO WASH and ECO SOFT have the ECOLABEL European Ecolabel accreditation and seal. Having passed the efficacy tests, the ECO WASH + ECO SOFT multi-component system is defined as suitable for this environmental quality seal.
ECO WASH is a concentrated enzymatic detergent specially formulated for use together with ECO WASH fabric softener for laundry washing in self-service laundries. ECO WASH is automatically dosed according to technical instructions and depending on the existing water hardness. The optimum working temperature is 40°C. By means of appropriate dosing and temperatures, water and energy consumption can be minimized, as well as the reduction of contaminants in the water.
ECO SOFT is a softener for use in self-service laundries in combination with ECO WASH detergent. It prevents the formation of static electricity and facilitates the subsequent ironing of the clothes, leaving a pleasant scent on them that persists over time.
ECO SOFT is automatically dosed according to the technical instructions. A correct dosage together with the right temperature in each process allows us to minimize water and energy consumption, and a reduction of water pollutants.
Our will is to contribute in the best possible way to sustainability and to preserve the environment. That is why we opted for the Bag in box system. This packaging system among other advantages 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard, which means the reduction of recycling costs by 89%. The inner bag containing the product is made of multilayer material which makes it highly resistant. The outer layer, made of polyamide and polyethylene, protects against oxygen and humidity as well as aroma migration, while the inner layer, made of polyethylene, is elastic and tear-resistant.